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Constancy of variability

Authors - Anastasia Skabelkina, Alexander Gushchin

St. Petersburg 01022018 . METAXIS . media happening

Interactive media installation that combines two fundamentally different approaches to the creation of works of art – material and digital.


When the artist created paintings (with aerosols), he had used the curves to collect paints on them, which was not supposed to get on the canvas or wall. Subsequently, these patterns turned into abstract paintings; they were scanned and became the basis of the media installation.


Every viewer, which entered the area of installation, made changes in the projected digital pictures by his\her silhouette. The overall picture was based on a combination of a pair of patterns at different levels.


The installation was created on the basis of visual programming using machine learning algorithms (based on the Kinect contactless touch controller and Python programming language).


This media installation develops several concepts: static arts (in this case - paintings) can become moving due to modern technologies, and can interact with the viewer; the work of art is no longer limited to the activities of the artist, the viewer makes an integral contribution to the construction of the final image.


The installation was shown at the opening of the media art festival “Metaxis” on February 1, 2018.

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