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Anastasia Skabelkina
Immersive Digital Art Installation "Individual Diversity" (I.D)

The immersive art installation is a new visionary environment with enigmatic creatures.

These beings represent individual diversity. They absorb what people create every second and symbolize the prototype of artificial intelligence.

These creatures exist beyond battles for individuality. The foundation of their uniqueness is built upon a million differences.

Today, thanks to cultural globalization, people can see how many ideas from entirely different individuals have already converged within them, and this unity is wonderful; it gives uniqueness.

Artificial intelligence serves as a symbol of humanity's unification because thousands of people are working on its development, and the system learns from vast libraries of information created by humanity.

We live in extraordinary times, equipped with all the tools to shape the reality and virtuality of the world.


The installation can be presented in an immersive format. When projecting digital graphics onto all four sides, it creates a spatial distortion effect. Each side of the installation has its own rendered part, which you can explore below:

LEFT side:


RIGHT side:


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