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Eden Shard

Author - Anastasiia Skabelkina

The light sculpture symbolizes the cradle of light, which is unique at the same for each of us. There is only one sculpture with a mirror in which everyone can see their reflection.

The sculpture is a symbol of the beauty in a technological world. This is precisely how it should be, inspiring and futuristic.

In addition to the light sculpture, there is an AR mask. When viewers try it, they will see their own shine. Thus, the idea is to show the audience that after seeing art, their life may start to change.



The light sculpture has been featured in two mixed reality exhibitions. In 2021 in St. Petersburg and 2022 in Moscow at the "M`ARS" Center for Contemporary Art.

  • Instagram - Белый круг
Light Sculpture Anastasiia Skabelkina
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