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Author's practical course "Visual programming: from the basics of animation to the creation of multimedia works" (2017-2018, Saint-Petersburg, Kvadrat). The course is aimed at mastering the features of TouchDesigner, developing creative and critical thinking, gaining the ability to navigate in the field of modern media art. During the course, students create multimedia works, 3D-mapping, generative graphics, animation, interactive and audiovisual installations and much more, as well as take part in exhibitions, competitions and city projects.


Special AudioVisual theoretical master classes explore skills of analysis of media art, critical understanding of media installations.

Design of posters - Elena Postnikova                                                          


Digital Water


27,28072019 Saint-Petersburg

Solaris FX together with the media center "Square" , "Laboratory of new media" (the new stage of the Alexandrinsky theater) and the festival "Night of light" in Gatchina will hold a 2-day workshop "Digital Water".

In the theoretical part of the workshop, we discussed how to make 3d water simulation in multimedia projects, describe the basics of production and rendering of physically correct water in Houdini, as well as the basics of creating fluid shapes and texturing in TOUCHDESIGNER.

In the practical part, the workshop participants were prepare a collective work-3d mapping for the Venus Pavilion in Gatchina. The final work was shown at the festival "Night of light" in Gatchina on August 16-17, 2019.

media artist in metamodern culture

AV master class

30012018 kvadrat . new media art festival METAXIS . Saint-Petersburg

The AV master class is aimed at critical understanding of the development of media art in the context of the culture of metamodernism.

how to distinguish a worthy work from a fake: audiovisual art

AV master class


22122017 kvadrat . Saint-Petersburg

The second AV master class from the series "how to distinguish a worthy work of media art from a fake" with an emphasis on critical understanding of audiovisual art.


author's practical course 


November 2017 - February 2018

Kvadrat . Saint-Petersburg

modern media art: theory and practice

AV master class

20092017 kvadrat . Saint-Petersburg

Resolume + TouchDesigner

author's practical course 


August - November 2017

Kvadrat . Saint-Petersburg

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