METAXIS - annual new media art festival, started in 2018, Saint-Petersburg (Russia).


METAXIS is aimed at the study of contemporary digital art, its reflection of the era of metamodernism (new cultural and philosophical ideas about contemporary society, closely related to media arts and their development). It is also aimed at studying the interaction of the individual with digital environments and their impact on him.

Curator of the festival - Anastasia Skabelkina.


METAXIS 10102020 consisted of two parts: techno artists meetup and media happening. It was held in the creative space of ′′ Lumier-Hall ′′ (Saint-Petersburg) - the largest projection museum in Russia.

TECHNO ARTISTS MEETUP. Speech by experts on current media art topics, 2 workshops, 2 lectures, discussion "New media - the avant-garde of art" and generative jam with a DJ.

MEDIA HAPPENING. A rich program of audiovisual lives: performances of russia media artists with musicians, artworks by foreign media artists. CaoYuxi (NY), NaoWao (Tokyo), kaleidosdope (Nuremberg), Aleph 52, Rx Tx, Elina Zazulya, Grigory Gromov, Anastasiia Skabёlkina (SPb), Synchrone (Moscow).


Chamber event of a special format, known in narrow circles. Media happening, which brought together the best representatives of the media art community of St. Petersburg. The main focus of the event was on audiovisual lives, designed specifically for METAXIS . ART GATHERING



Within the framework of “Metaxis” 2018, many events were held: three courses (on the creation of video art, generative graphics, audiovisual art), master classes (“Media artist in the culture of metamodernism”, “Fashion Tech”, “Wearable Tech”), media happening. Also, a hackathon about creating multimedia content was held, with a total prize Fund of 300,000 rubles. Hackathon nominations: full-dome projection; content for the "infinite room"; universal multimedia content for projection on the surface. For all events of the festival, an entrance was free. To participate in the festival courses, it was necessary to pass a competition of motivation letters.


METAXIS 2018 was open with a special format event - media happing, a holistic digital work, consisting of several parts, each of which is aimed at overcoming the boundaries between the artist and the viewer.

The prize fund of 300 000 ₽ . May 12/13

Nominations of the hackathon:
1) Full dome content for the Planetarium №1;
2) Content for "infinite room";
3) Universal multimedia content for projection on the surface.

The course is aimed at mastering the Houdini program as a tool for generative graphics in the TouchDesigner environment; the main goal is the creation of a work of generative art.

The best works are shown in the events of the new media art festival METAXIS.

The course lasted 2 months, classes were held in the youth center Kvadrat. Classes are free.

The main goal - the creation of works of art on the theme "The city as a complex multi-level structure".

The best works are shown in the events of the new media art festival METAXIS.

Alex Antipin

Wearable technology and Fashion Tech: what it is / for whom / why it is relevant today.

Wearable Tech: directions and current trends. What products create that you notice on the international market.

On the global: transhumanism, the 4th industrial revolution and other basic concepts for the effective creation of innovative projects in the world of technology.


Nikita Replyanski

Brand history SNEZHANA.NYC. Technology is in fashion. Mans x Machina. Biofabricate. Technological materials, 3D printing in the collection of FW 18/19.

Wearables. The influence of fashion and fashion trends on wearable technology. Significant projects and examples.

How to sell fashion + technology and enter the international market.

Snezhana Paderina

The course is aimed at mastering the programs TouchDesigner and Resolume; the main goal is the creation of an audiovisual work of art.


The best works are shown in the events of the new media art festival METAXIS.



Ksenia Sangina

The first event in the framework of the festival of media art METAXIS: a master class aimed at critical understanding of the development of media art in the context of the culture of metamodernism.



Anastasia Skabölkina