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Eternal Present

A conceptual monumental media art installation that appears as an architectural structure with two new conditions - temporality and fluidity.

The continuous transformation of the generative graphics is associated with seconds, minutes, and hours, transforming the building into a monumental clock. At the same time, the projection of visual material, which is constantly rebuilt and has liquidity of forms, reveals the actual modern concept of liquid architecture.

The installation was shown for two months, 24 hours a day (March 15 - May 15) in Moscow, Zaryadye Park.

Temple of Phosphene

Full-dome audiovisual performance "Temple Of Phosphene". Real-time generated graphics changed by Anastasia's voice — complete improvisation, auditory and visual, but sensitively connected.

The purpose of the performance was to change the perception of space. The images in the graphics drew a parallel with the phenomenon of phosphene, pointing to the strange illusory perception of the reality of each of us. And the conditionality of visible changes due to the voice of Anastasia and the music of the electronic musician Dekho developed the philosophical ideas of solipsism.

The project was presented at the Episode Festival on May 31, 2019, at Planetarium 1 (St. Petersburg).

Projects for Peter-Pavel's Fortress

Ballet in the Planetarium

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