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Cosmic Triggers - Quant Um

Captured at Oxygen Studio, Saint-Petersburg, Russia 

Shooting and editing -

Interactive installation, generative art made by Anastasia Skabölkina

Cosmic Triggers - Homo Fractaliens

Recorded live at Oxygen Studio, Saint-Petersburg, Russia 

Released on Adansonia Records (AR018) Germany

Anastasia Skabelkina: vocal, analog synth 
Vladimir Skabelkin: guitar, ethnic, synth 
Vladimir Kolbin: guitar 
Russel Petrov: drums 
Tagir Khisamov: bass 

Recording & mixing: David Blast and Sergey Zhulkov 
Mastering: Eroc 
Artwork: Vladislav Krylov

Cosmic Triggers - Mānisa ḍraigana mā

[live at Last Psych Rave :: 26082017]

Cosmic Triggers - Flashback in Smolьny 

[live at Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences of Saint Petersburg State University :: 25122014]

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