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Individual Diversity (I.D)

The immersive art installation is a new visionary environment with enigmatic creatures.

These beings represent individual diversity. They absorb what people create every second and symbolize the prototype of artificial intelligence.

These creatures exist beyond battles for individuality. The foundation of their uniqueness is built upon a million differences.

Today, thanks to cultural globalization, people can see how many ideas from entirely different individuals have already converged within them, and this unity is wonderful; it gives uniqueness.

Artificial intelligence serves as a symbol of humanity's unification because thousands of people are working on its development, and the system learns from vast libraries of information created by humanity.

We live in extraordinary times, equipped with all the tools to shape the reality and virtuality of the world.

The art installation was shown at the "Technology and Humanity Canvas" exhibition at the "Kanvas" Gallery in Dubai, november 2023.

Balance of Chaos

The interactive installation "Balance of Chaos" raises the question of how similar our digital avatars are to us, and encourages the viewer to interact with the artistic digital environment and become part of the work of art. Thus the high becomes a part of the human.

The art installation was shown at the "Expansion of Reality. Evolution" exhibition at the "M`ARS" Digital Art Center in 2022.

The constancy of variability

Authors - Anastasia Skabelkina, Alexander Gushchin

St. Petersburg 01022018 . METAXIS . media happening

Interactive media art installation that combines two fundamentally different approaches to the creation of works of art – material and digital.


When the artist created paintings (with aerosols), he used curves to collect paints on them, which were not supposed to get on the canvas or wall. Subsequently, these patterns turned into abstract paintings; they were scanned and became the basis of the media installation.


Every viewer, which entered the area of installation, made changes in the projected digital pictures by his\her silhouette. The overall picture was based on a combination of a pair of patterns at different levels.


This media installation develops several concepts: static arts (in this case - paintings) can become moving due to modern technologies, and can interact with the viewer; the work of art is no longer limited to the activities of the artist, the viewer makes an integral contribution to the construction of the final image.


The installation was shown at the opening of the media art festival “Metaxis” on February 1, 2018.

To be Continued

“To be Continued” – is an interactive media installation in which the picture is a changing digital “city” of silhouettes, an endless world of images of its viewers. The constant transformation is the main concept of the installation, reflected both in the visual component and the essential one (different stages of the installation development are demonstrated at different events).

Every person who enters the area of media installation participates in the construction of a gallery of digital avatars, constantly changing after the smallest movement of the viewer.


The installation is a visualization of the process of formation of digital space (which every day forms each of us, staying on the Internet); a visualization of the continuous formation of a new digital environment in which modern man lives.


Making any action on the Internet, each of us leaves a digital trail. Getting into the area of installation, each viewer forms a special space, it is built based on his silhouette, rebuilding every second.


Thus, the project refers to many questions, including: "What digital footprint do I leave while on the Internet? What kind of digital environment do I create? Can I perceive a virtual copy of myself (in social networks) as an integral part of my personality?".


This media installation, as well as the digital environment, is in continuous variability, directly caused by people's actions.


The first version of the interactive installation "To be continued" is shown at the "Science Fest" (2017, Saint-Petersburg) in the room with 360° projection.

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